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Auto Transport in Florida

Cars driving over the Jolley Bridge in Florida

Are you looking for reliable auto transport services in Florida? Look no further! GP Auto Logistics, a car shipping company,  is the answer to all your car shipping needs within the Sunshine State. Out of all the car transport companies operating in Florida, we excel in meeting each client’s needs and guaranty you will get satisfactory service by becoming our direct client.

Why Choose GP Auto Logistics?

  • Florida Expertise: From having a deep understanding of the state’s weather patterns and handling the humid conditions to having optimized routes within the major interstate highways, GP Auto Logistics has auto transport protocols for Florida in place to ensure the safety of your vehicle during transit, even during hurricane seasons.

  • Insurance Coverage: GP Auto Logistics provides insurance coverage for the vehicles we transport to ensure that in the rare event of any damage during transit, your car is financially protected.

  • Advanced Tracking: Like a few car transport companies in Florida, we offer advanced tracking systems and dedicated account managers to allow our customers to monitor the status and location of their vehicles, as well as talk to their account manager if any need arises.

  • Tailored Solutions: Every customer’s situation is unique which is why we offer customized solutions to meet individual needs.

Porsche Cabriolet parked near a beach

Our Services

We offer business and personal auto transport services in Florida such as door-to-door auto transport, open car shipping, enclosed car shipping, vehicle tracking, custom solutions, in-state-auto transport, corporate fleet transport, transporting bikes, jet skis, and more.

Experience Florida Auto Transport

If you are ready to roll, contact us today and experience car shipping like never before.

Call us at (512) 615-9857 or visit our contact page to request a quote.

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