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How Does Shipping a Car Work?

How to Transport a Car to Another State

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Do you find yourself asking “how does shipping a car work?” We understand how important your vehicles are, and our car transportation solutions are designed from top to bottom to support your assets. The GP Auto team specializes in unbeatable service before, during and after your service.

How It Works in Three Steps

Step 1: You Order Your Desired Service

With the help of the GP Auto team, you will choose the right service for your car transport needs. Once the order is successfully submitted, and the pick-up location and time is confirmed, we will communicate the next steps to you to prepare for and schedule your car pick-up.

Step 2: We Pick Up Your Car

When we arrive at the confirmed location on your scheduled car pick-up date, one of our trusted drivers will receive the car. From here, you don’t have to worry about how to transport a car to another state, across town, or wherever the final destination is. We’ll make sure that it arrives safely.

Step 3: Your Car Arrives to its Destination

As your vehicle is traveling, our team will send you daily updates and any unlikely schedule changes. We are here to support you as your service is completed. At any point, you can contact us to ask questions or receive more information.

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

The cost can vary depending on the location, time of year, availability, and amount of vehicles and more. Contacting us to receive a customized quote is the only guaranteed way to get an accurate cost on your auto transport service. Generally, the greater the travel distance, the higher overall cost, but a lower per-mile cost.

How Do You Ship a Car Across the Country?

If you’re wondering how to transport a car to another state, it’s surprisingly simple. When a vehicle is picked up by a driver, they commute down the highways and roads to go from the pick up location to the final destination. GP Auto haulers are the best in the business and use their experience while driving to arrive safely. Each day, a driver will complete anywhere from 500 to 700 miles toward their travels.


Transports to Hawaii or Alaska add additional time to the process, ensuring safety and compliance are followed during the service. Expedited pickup and delivery are available with additional costs if there are scheduling needs.


Whether you’re transporting one vehicle, or a dozen, GP Auto Logistics is your partner in the vehicle transport business. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide competitive and industry leading services for you.

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