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Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport Truck

Vehicles are transported every second of the day, throughout the country. Open auto transport is the most common form that is used in the industry. When it comes to scheduling and completing open vehicle transport, the GP Auto Logistics team is ready to answer your questions and support your needs.

Need open transportation for your vehicles? Our checklist will help you make the right choice:

☑ A widely available transport option

Open car transport is the industry standard, and has been around as long as the industry has. It is a reliable and convenient choice for many who need unexpected or specific location services. Because of its availability, clients love how easy it is to schedule and get access to. Our team of experts use this option because it works well and has created happy customers for years.

☑ Almost no limits or restrictions

At GP Auto, we know transportation. We offer all varieties of open transport car shipping trailers to our clients. Compared to enclosed transport, which is typically limited to about 6 cars, open transport can easily get up to 12 cars to their desired destinations. Open auto transport trailers are made to operate well and carry more without issues.

☑ Good budget choice

Economical, efficient, and easy - that is open transport. Clients love to utilize this service due to the much higher costs associated with enclosed shipping. If you’re looking for a safe and cost-effective way to get your vehicle from one place to another, our open vehicle transport option has got you covered.

☑ Ideal for multiple vehicles

Have a long list of vehicles that need a new destination? We are no stranger to safe transport with a large volume of cars. The lower cost of the service, combined with the higher upper limit of cars included, means you’ll receive the best price for the service with open auto transport.


Schedule your service or learn more about car transportation from the GP Auto Logistics team today!

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