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Exotic Car Transportation

Orange Ferrari exotic car parked with the driver’s side door open at an angle

Our cars are often our most prized possessions. From vintage exotic cars to modern rides, every vehicle deserves the best in care and services. Ensuring safe transport and stress-free processes is our specialty. The GP Auto Logistics team is available for consultations and questions at any time.

GP Auto Logistics is the premiere exotic car transportation option for your needs.

A new kind of shipping partner

We take great care with every client that works with us because we understand how valuable assets are. From a human to human level, we treat you as if it was our own car being transported. You can trust our team of experts to handle your vehicle with the utmost security.

Variety of shipping options

Choosing the right service for you is our focus. From open transport to enclosed transport, we have the options ready for you to decide between. Depending on your needs, we can assist you in selecting the perfect solution for your luxury car transport. We look for the best value and ideal service within our team and your availability.

A fair value

We understand that your investment is important to you, and to our team. From individual owners to car clubs and museums, our clients enjoy competitive prices and fair value on our high-end auto transport services. Because we invest in our teams and our inventory, all services are up to date and regularly assessed for compliance. Your happiness with our service, and compensating our hard working teams fairly, is the cornerstone to our business.

No national shipping limitations

Need exotic car transportation from a hub to your home city? GP Auto proudly offers no limitations on continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii destinations. When it comes to luxury car transport, we understand how tough it can be to get your car safely to its new home, and we are here to ensure that it arrives safely.


Receive the best treatment for your exotic car. Contact the GP Auto Logistics team today!

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