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Private Car Transport Companies

Private car transport ensures that your vehicle arrives at a specific destination. For all clients, we take great care in transporting vehicles safely, securely, and flawlessly. Because we are specialized in the field, GP Auto Logistics is a trusted partner for our customer’s automotive transportation services. No matter the vehicle sizes and types, we are equipped to deliver excellent service for your needs.



Door to door

Door to door car shipping ensures your vehicle arrives at a designated address. Our GP Auto Logistics private car haulers are highly trained experts in safely transporting your vehicle to your desired address. Proximity to address may vary, ensuring that legal and safety measures are enforced for your protection.

Any variety of vehicle

Yes! GP Auto Logistics private car transport extends to delivering vans, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats and more! GP Auto is your go-to choice to resolve any and all vehicle transportation needs. Our team is available to answer questions and provide you with an educated decision when it comes to your precious vehicles.


Worry free experience

Trusting any company with your treasured vehicles or inventory can be stressful. The GP Auto team understands all concerns and completes each job with consideration and exceptional practices. We have seen it all, and incorporate safety measures to prevent common issues. Receive a hassle-free shipping experience when you choose us as your private car haulers and enjoy a safe, easy, and painless process.​

Variety of services

Your vehicle size can be accommodated with our team! We have open carry options for larger vehicles, and enclosed carry options, to offer in order to meet your private car transportation needs. Our tenured experience in the field has secured our team with all resources to meet any client budget or protection requirements. The team is always available to answer questions you have about cost effective strategies we competitively offer.



Once the GP Auto team begins transporting your vehicles, you can feel confident in your service. We monitor your shipment around the clock to keep an eye on progress and prevent delays. Daily updates are also sent out until your car is safely delivered so you are informed throughout the entire private car delivery service.

Safety guaranteed

Whether you’re entrusting us with your daily car, a prized show car, family RV, or private car transport needs, our partners have full coverage insurance included in your shipping quote. This allows for liability and protection with your vehicle because your satisfaction is our goal. Our hand picked private car haulers must meet all insurance standards before qualifying to be part of our carrier network. We regularly scan and confirm competency and client satisfaction with our haulers and maintain a positive experience for everyone.


Nation-wide shipping

GP Auto Logistics proudly ships throughout the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Our team has got your back. A complete network of carriers and advisors cover your transportation needs without restrictions nationwide. In addition, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We are here to support you in your private car transport needs!

Military and any location delivery, guaranteed

Location of your vehicle delivery is not an issue with us. Specific spaces such as military bases, auto dealerships, home or body shops are included in our private car delivery service range. You can enjoy a complete network of GP Auto vetted haulers who are professional auto shipping experts. We couldn’t provide these services without their hard work and mastery.

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