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Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport via a truck on a mountain road

Many people ask “is enclosed shipping worth it?” When it comes to your cars, it may be a must-have service. Depending on your budget, car type, amount of cars being transported, and desired service outcomes, GP Auto Logistics is here to support your decision making process.

Seeking enclosed shipping for your vehicles? Ensure you make the best choice for your needs with our checklist:

☑ A secure vehicle transport option

Enclosed auto transport is a superior option for clients who desire a completely protected service from beginning to end. During the process, vehicles that are enclosed do not risk accidental road condition damage or cosmetic changes from the elements, such as rain drops or dust. Seeking a flawless result? Invest in enclosed car shipping to ensure it arrives without a speck.

☑ Has limitations on size requirements

Our team provides a wide variety of trailers for hassle-free, customized car shipping to meet the needs of each client. However, the largest enclosed trailers can only hold a maximum of 6-7 cars (compared to 12 cars in an open trailer). If you’re planning to transport 7 cars or less, this option is a great choice.

☑ Higher price

Because of the careful nature of the service, including the measures taken to ensure safety and security, enclosed auto transport services are more expensive. The transport trailer itself has a higher price, and the fuel tanks on the trailers demand more gasoline. This translates to a higher service cost, averaging about 30% to 40% higher.

☑ Great for valuable vehicles

Clients with high value vehicles that risk costly damage if road conditions or weather impact the transportation process would benefit best from enclosed car shipping. Vintage cars, exotic cars, and car show destinations rely on this safer and highly protected option. Our team is composed of the best in the shipping business, and have experience with the most careful and valuable vehicles.


Reach out to the GP Auto Logistics team to learn more and schedule your car transportation services today!



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