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Serving Dealerships, Rental Agencies, and other Business Partners

For dealerships, rental agencies, and other automotive businesses, we understand that timely delivery of vehicle inventory is essential for your success. When it comes to transporting cars for dealerships and other businesses, GP Auto Logistics is your trusted partner for experienced and timely automotive transportation services.


Auto dealerships & groups

GP Auto Logistics has the logistics expertise to manage all types of moves – manufacturer-to-dealer, dealer-to-dealer, dealer-to-auction, auction-to-auction, dealer-to-consumer, or consumer-to-dealer.

Auto auction

GP Auto Logistics can handle moves for any type of auction operation – large physical auctions and online marketplaces, as well as independent and specialty auto auctions.

Rental companies

Our experience goes beyond transporting cars for dealerships. We know the car rental space well because our people have worked in it. Now they’re at GP Auto Logistics, ready to meet your transportation needs.

Corporate relocation

We understand the complexities of corporate relocation and why it can be challenging to find the right auto transport partner. Whether you need to move your corporate fleet or executive’s own vehicles, we have the expertise you need.

Ready to streamline your dealership's vehicle transportation needs? Contact us today to experience efficient, reliable, and cost-effective dealer transport services that will elevate your business operations.



Logistics is in our company name because we have years of experience transporting cars for dealerships, serving car rental agencies, and more. For reliable, safe, and timely vehicle transportation, GP Auto Logistics is your go-to transportation partner.

Home delivery

Online car shopping is now preferred by many buyers. When you need to deliver your customers’ purchased vehicles, we can bring them right to their home. Door-to-door car shipping is the most convenient method of auto transport for both dealers and their customers.

Looking for a trustworthy automotive transportation partner? Contact us today to discover how we can deliver expert solutions for your business.

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