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How Motorcycle Shipping Works

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Knowing where to start can be a challenge — keep reading to ensure it’s a seamless process.

Get a motorcycle shipping quote

Speaking of budget, one of your top priorities will likely be calculating the cost of transporting your motorcycle. Once you’ve narrowed down to a handful of carriers, request a quote for the shipping cost.

A number of factors will impact the final cost of shipment, including:

  • Transport solution (as mentioned above)

  • Motorcycle type (brand, year)

  • Shipping distance

  • Pick-up preferences (see below)

  • Time of year (seasonal demand)

  • Accessories being shipped with the motorcycle (e.g., a sidecar)

  • Insurance coverage

To learn more about the cost of shipping a motorcycle, check out this blog.

Schedule pickup and delivery

As mentioned, most carriers offer both home pick up/delivery and shipment from one distribution center to another. If you select home delivery, keep in mind that there may be instances where your driver is unable to pick your motorcycle up or drop it off at your front door. Perhaps you live on a high-traffic city street or your driveway is not accessible to the truck. In these cases, you can work with the carrier to determine a safe, nearby location for loading and/or unloading.

You’ll also need to finalize pick up and delivery dates. You may prefer a guaranteed date and time frame for both or have a more flexible schedule. Work with your advisor to decide the best option for you — the one you choose will impact the transport cost.

Additionally, when estimating your delivery dates, it’s important to consider unforeseen issues such as traffic, road conditions, weather, etc. These are just a few of the unplanned events that can impact your date selection. It’s recommended you plan for 1-4 days of flexibility in your schedule whenever possible.

Prepare your motorcycle for shipment

Now that you’ve got everything arranged for your motorcycle transport, make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey ahead. The carrier you select will have specific rules for how to prepare your motorcycle, but typically you’ll want to do the following:

  • Remove personal items (GPS, cameras, etc.)

  • Inflate tires

  • Keep gas at ¾ tank or less

  • Charge the battery

  • Check and repair fluid leaks

  • Unlock the steering wheel

  • Remove all keys (if required by the specific carrier)

Motorcycle transport service made easy

After you’ve gone through all the steps laid out above, the final step is for the carrier to pick up the vehicle from your residence or designated distribution center, and your motorcycle will begin the adventure to its new destination!

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