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Reasons to Choose Auto Transport Company Instead of Driving

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Why should you choose an auto transport company instead of driving? It’s faster, safer and probably even cheaper. This article will explain why.

Whether you’re off on your next great adventure or purchasing a car online, you want to book with the very best auto transport company you can find. And, you want it at a great price.

If you don’t have a specific destination in mind and are just shipping cars for fun, maybe you should find a more cost-effective hobby. After all, the cost of shipping a car is not a light order. But when you work with a trusted company like GpAutologistics, you will ensure the best bang for your buck.

Auto transport rates vary widely based on a number of factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, whether the car is running or not, whether your destination is in a major city or rural area, and whether you prefer an open or enclosed car carrier shipment.

Car transport companies are dependable

Do a quick Google search or ask around for car shipping experiences. This might help you find other people with experience shipping their cars. You should be wary of companies without any reviews at all and companies with a lot of negative reviews that mention the same issues.

We’ve been in business for years. We have earned thousands of positive GpAutologistics auto transport reviews. As of the writing of this article, here’s how we far on other review platforms:

  • 4.2 stars on Google

  • 4.3 stars on Facebook

  • 4.5 on Trust Pilot

  • 5.0 on

GpAutologistics Auto Transport has an intuitive online quote calculator that can provide instant auto shipping quotes. Knowing what factors contribute to that quote, however, is key to finding a dependable.

Our prices are based on current market trends for nationwide auto transport. Your total cost from car moving companies will depend on the type of car you want to move, where it needs to go, its condition, and modifications, the transport distance and whether you want an open or enclosed trailer shipment.

Car hauling companies are convenient

Once you know your exact destination, write down the address somewhere handy (and make sure you’ve included right zip code). Then, do the same thing with your pickup location. Having this information readily available will ensure your car transportation booking process goes as smoothly as possible.

The best-case scenario involves booking as far in advance as you possibly can. Once you know you’ll be relocating, begin looking at auto transport companies and getting quotes immediately so you can take your time choosing a transporter.

The process includes three major steps: research, booking, and shipping. When you talk to companies, they should never try to push you to book immediately. Most people who need to ship a vehicle will get quotes from multiple companies, so watch out for shippers that pressure you to make a decision immediately. A super hard sell is usually a bad sign.

Car moving companies work fast

Once you’ve decided your pickup/dropoff points, auto shipping dates and looked at reviews to determine the best-rated car transport company, you’re ready for the easy part. If you book with GpAutologistics, here’s how this process would go from here.

  1. Get an instant quote: By using our online car shipping rate calculator, phone or LiveChat

  2. Book order: Review the steps above for information on how to do this.

  3. We pick up your vehicle: Schedule your pickup date, time and an easy-to-access pickup location with your trucker.

  4. You receive your vehicle: Your trucker will call you when your vehicle is almost home. You can greet them both right at your own driveway, or wherever the nearby agreed-upon pickup location is.

Companies like GpAutologistics, an auto transport management company, work with networks of thousands of truckers. Some smaller or local companies operating smaller car carriers — or single vehicle flatbed carriers — can get your vehicle from Point A to Point B, but delivery time could be slower.

Car transport companies are cheaper

According to AAA, the national gas price average in us is $2.79 per gallon (as of July 2019). If you drive a standard vehicle that gets 25 miles to the gallon (and your vehicle has a 12-gallon tank), here are a few examples of what you can expect in terms of cost differential:

Example 1: Traveling from Chicago, IL to Seattle, WA may take approximately 1 day and 9 hours while you put 2,030 miles on your vehicle and spend $257 for gas. Or, you can have it shipped for approximately $1079.

Example 2: Traveling from Chicago, IL to Albany, NY will put 816 miles on your vehicle and cost $102.73 for gas or you can ship it for $709.

Example 3: Relocating from Chicago, IL to San Antonio, TX may take you 19 hours and 59 minutes and put 1,205 miles on your vehicle. You could spend $152 for gas, or you can ship it for approximately $799.

Example 4: Traveling from Chicago, IL to Miami, FL may take you 20 hours and 48 minutes and put 1,371 miles on your vehicle and you would spend $173 on gas. Or, you can easily ship it for an average of $889.

Finally, it’s important to consider the size and weight of a car, as this will have a direct impact when calculating the cost. A larger vehicle, such as a Chevy Tahoe or a full-size SUV similar to it, will take up much more room on the transport truck than a Honda Civic. Some general rules of thumb include:

  • Larger vehicles usually cost more to ship than smaller ones.

  • Shorter trips will cost less than moving your car from one state to another.

  • If you need your vehicle to reach its destination ASAP, you’ll likely have to pay a little extra.

Tip: Don’t go with the lowest bidder. You should get several quotes from different companies in order to have a ballpark estimate. Because the prices fluctuate, you shouldn’t automatically choose the lowest price. Some companies will intentionally quote you a low price to get your business, and then the actual price you receive later is much higher than expected.

Auto transport companies make things safer

Captain obvious here, but it’s not safe to drive when you’re tired. So, if you’re planning to drive your car across the country (especially without frequent stops…which can get expensive), make sure you’re aware of the following eye-openers.

“Drowsy driving is related to at least 100,000 motor-vehicle crashes and more than 1,500 deaths per year. About 71,000 drowsy-related crashes involve non-fatal injuries. The estimated annual monetary loss related to drowsy driving is about $12.5 billion. Drowsy driving often goes unreported when the police complete an accident report. Unless the driver admits falling asleep, drowsy driving can be difficult to detect.”

Instead of risking it, trust the experts to get your car there safely.

With the multitude of auto shipping options available today, you can easily find the best service for the best price. Here at GpAutologistics, we offer innovation, dependability, and success to provide you with a stress-free experience and fast delivery.

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