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Car Shipping Scams

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Car transport companies are great for safely moving vehicles over really long distances. They are often safer, cheaper and more efficient alternatives to driving the car yourself. But this industry is not all good. It also has companies that run deceptive advertisements and other car shipping scams.

This is why you must stay informed and avoid falling victim to these fraudulent schemes. This article will discuss the scams you need to look out for and offer a guide on how to find a trustworthy shipping company.

Common Auto Transport Scams To Watch Out For

Unbelievable Low Prices

Everyone wants the best deal or the biggest discount they can get on any purchase. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, prices that seem too good to be true are often scams. 

A company may initially quote a very low price to attract customers, only to hike up the costs later or vanish altogether after receiving payment. To avoid car shipping scams, research the company extensively and compare prices from multiple reputable sources.

Fake Appearances

A scammer may replicate the website of a reputable car shipping company, complete with convincing logos and customer testimonials. However, upon closer inspection, you may notice subtle differences in the URL or discrepancies in the contact information.  

This is why you must always verify the authenticity of a company’s website by checking reviews, verifying their physical address, and contacting them directly through their official channels.

Upfront Payments

As a part of locking in the great deals potential car shipping scams may offer you, you might be required to make a large payment upfront which may even be non-refundable. This is a red flag.

Legitimate car shipping companies typically require a deposit upfront, with the remainder paid upon delivery. Many will even refund your deposit if they aren’t able to deliver your car to your location. 

Licencing and Insurance

At GP Auto Logistics, all our partners have full coverage insurance and our car haulers must meet all insurance standards. You want to work with companies like that to reduce the chances of falling victim to auto transport scams.

Furthermore, legitimate car shipping companies are required to be registered with the Department of Transport (DOT) and possess valid insurance coverage to protect your vehicle during transit. 

Unaccountable Middlemen

These intermediaries often act as brokers without any direct responsibility for the shipment process. They simply connect you with a carrier and take their commissions without ensuring the quality of service or addressing any issues that may arise. This can sometimes be a scam because many of them present themselves as the ones that directly handle your shipment yet they are not. Without direct oversight or accountability, there is a higher likelihood of encountering car shipping scams and unreliable carriers. 

To avoid all that, you must work with a company that clearly demonstrates its involvement in the shipping process. For example, at GP Auto Logistics, we assign dedicated advisors who oversee the entire shipping process from start to finish. These advisors are accountable for ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your vehicle. 

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Avoid Car Shipping Scams With GP Auto Logistics

Besides providing you with a dedicated account manager, we guarantee quality service by addressing all the concerns that would hinder a safe and secure delivery. This includes making sure that all our drivers are fully covered by insurance, ensuring that you don’t pay unless you get your car in the right condition, having no hidden fees, tracking the cars throughout the entire shipment process and more. 

Therefore, if you want to get your car shipment done right and avoid auto transport scams, contact us to get a free quote today.

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